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Sunday, April 6, 2014

KLIA2 Set To Open

Flight operation from KLIA2 will begin on 2nd May 2014 while the present LCCT will be closed down on 9th May 2014. The new extension to existing KLIA would be handling about 45 million passengers a year and had been certified by Department of Civil Aviation. Get More Info HERE.
Location of KLIA2

KLIA2 will be ustilised by Low Cost carriers and 80% of which by Airasia but the terminal itself is not Low Cost since its operation will be computerised. The present LCCT is operated manually.

 View more progress photo HERE

Connecting to the new KLIA2 will not be a problem since the present transportation means will be adjusted to fit the new route. The present ERL services will be extended from the present last stop to the new terminal.

There are also a number of affordable hotels nearby for time contraint tourist (especially for departures) to get connected between KLIA2 and other parts of Malaysia. For list of hotels HERE.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Malaysia Top 10 Travel Destinations

Lonely Planet had listed Malaysia as top 10 destinations to visit for 2014. Each year, Lonely Planet gives it's take on the next places to visit. Their book, out Tuesday (29 Oct 2013) highlights the best of the best of travel - countries and cities to visit, the best budget spots, the best family spots, everything.

The Guide Book Described Malaysia As "Like Two Countries In One, Cleaved In Half By The South China Sea." is the only country in Asia listed in the Top 10. This ranking suits well with the Visit Malaysia Year 2014. 

They gave four reasons to justify the ranking and top of the list is "The Headline-Grabbers"
These includes The Malacca Bird Park, Legoland Malaysia And Hello Kitty Land In Nusajaya. 

The second reason is "Amazing Experiences Await In Malaysian Borneo, From Exploring Off-The-Beaten Track Kudat where the northern most tip of Borneo located, To Indulging At The Luxurious Gaya Island Resort On Pulau Gaya."

The New Low Cost Terminal, KLIA2, Was Another Major Factor In Attracting More Visitors to Malaysia. While it is still to be open but it is much awaited by Low Cost Carriers and Malaysia has its Airasia and Malindo Air to benefit from this new 'airport'.

"Cycle Tourism" Was Highlighted For Active Travelers
Cycle Tourism
 Who Can See Malaysia Through Guided Tours And Mapped Out Cycling Routes
Source for this post SAYS

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MH370 Assumed Lost In South Indian Ocean

Boeing 777-200ER bearing registration 9M-MRO came to the end of her life assumed missing in the South Indian Ocean with 239 lives on board.

This blog post is in memory of those who lost their life on board and family members of those 239 people. Appreciation and honour too, to every individual who were involved in the Search and Rescue since the first minute the operation starts.

Fate of MH370 had been determined and a new chapter opens up to find out what really happen to MH370.

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