Sunday, October 12, 2014

AnCasa Residencies Port Dickson

Happen to have the opportunity to stay at AnCasa Residencies Port Dickson. The hotel located near the beach of Telok Kemang, one of the popular beaches along the Port Dickson shoreline.

The hotel has an apartment accomodation with three tower blocks. The apartment where we stayed consists of two bedroom, two bath and pantry. The living room is spacious and comfortable for an average family.

It has a big swimming pool next to tower block B and wading pool for kids adjoining the main pool. There is also another smaller family pool hidden within the shady garden. Its very suitable for kids to have fun in them.

AnCasa Residencies Port Dickson also provide Team Building activities with her large activity covered open air hall and obstacle courses including flying fox.

The garden is very shady with green decorative trees and shrub and concrete benches to relax. A spa is located at a secluded corner of the garden that give the effect of calmness. It was closed when I took a walk.

The white sandy beach is also easily accessible.

Only one minus point is there's no WiFi access in the rooms. Guest has to linger at the lobby to get connected to the internet. However during the duration of my stay, I can't even get access to the internet neither at the lobby nor the seminar room even connected with the provided password. Its a mark difference with AnCasa Royal Pekan where Free WiFi is accessible at all areas of the hotel.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ahoy!!! Let Your Kids Have A Holiday With Pak Nil On A Cruise Ship

The year end school holiday is coming soon and what do you have in store for your kids to refresh their mood when school reopens in 2015? Instead of the routine traveling to beaches, mountains and other attractions on land why not give them a change of atmosphere? Something that surprise them out of the unexpected?

Malaysian Harmony Tours & Travel has some good news for your holiday with a difference. It is the School Holiday Bersama Pak Nil aboard Super Star Libra cruise ship. Pak Nil or Aznil Nawawi might be an icon or idol of your kids and this will be a good opportunity to let them have a close encounter mingling with him privately while breathing the fresh air on board a cruise ship. Your kids will have a lot of story to tell family members and their friends when they return to shore after that.

School Holiday Pak Nil on board Super Star Libra is a 3 nights sailing departing Penang to Krabi, Phuket and back to Penang. 
The holiday package is inclusive of:
  • Exclusive checkin at Swettenham Pier in Georgetown
  • meeting Pak Nil and join him in an exclusive party on board Star Cruise
  • Welcome certificate signed by Pak Nil and Captain of Super Star Libra

besides other fun and entertainment prearranged that will make your kids forget about seasickness or homesick.

Mark your calendar for departure on 30th November 2014. The package is just RM1499/pax and a RM500 discounts for 3rd and 4th pax.

So, set yourself to sail away with Pak Nil and let your kids have all the fun on the sea with their idol.

Anchor Away!!!!!! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mee Siput Is Not Made Of Snail

It my first time I heard of such noodle. At first I was wondering why it is called mee siput, until we arrived at the cottage industry in Kampung Seri Paya in Kulai. This mee siput is a food product by Zai Foodstuff Enterprise located at no. 50 Jalan Kenangan, Kampung Seri Paya, Kulai Jaya.  
The mee siput resemble the sanggul siput practiced by Malay women who roll their long hair to avoid it being messy if left to flow freely. The noodle after being pressed out into circular rolls are dried in a warm room for about a day until it dries. Then only it is being packed and market.

Mee Siput can be eaten as snack just like eating those crackers or can be cooked like the normal noodle. This snack is popular among school children around Kulai Jaya and can in one way or another add some carbohydrate since the ingredient is flour. 

We were given the opportunity to try out the Mee Siput and everybody puts a thumb up.

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